Trouble shooting calf disease and illness

Reluctant to standInjury, joint ill (navel infection) Diarrhoea?
Swollen navelNavel infection? Hernia? Pizzle sucking?
Reluctant to drink – slow drinkingInfectious disease in general, mouth injury (tubing rub), unpalatable milk or meal? Poor teat quality?
Scours – nutritionalWhite or yellow faeces, normal temperature
Scours – infectiousFoul smelling faeces, mucousy, watery, yellow/brown or bloody? Temperature elevated
Blood in faecesCan be normal in first 3 days
Coughing or rapid respirationRespiratory infection from poor ventilation or pathogens
ShiveringCold, wet or draughty conditions? Feeding cold milk? Inadequate shelter?
Kicking at the bellyAbdominal pain, peritonitis, ulcers, twisted bowel? Indigestion – overfeeding, cold milk, gorging. Poor quality milk or meal?
BloatCold milk feeding – milk into rumen? Overdrinking/gorging? Young fresh grass? Clostridia?
SalivationHigh fever? Mouth lesions, injured jaw? Ulcers/abscesses?
Teeth grindingScours present? Can indicate abdominal pain? Lack of fibre in diet? Boredom?
Pizzle suckingLow volume feeding, unsatisfied sucking instinct, lack of water?
Hair lossOften follows scours. Excessive cold and wet? Lice in covered calves? Fungal skin conditions?

"I supplement my replacement heifer program with Ngahiwi Calf Milk Replacer and Whey Milk Replacer. I have never had any calf health problems and find the milk mixes readily and the calves love it. My heifers reached their target weight much earlier and cheaper than previously"

John Hathaway
Businessman and Dairy Farmer (Reporoa)

"I rear over a thousand calves a year and always use Ngahiwi to supplement a liquid whole milk rearing program. I like the product, service and good value of their powder. All that you need - a premix, prebiotic, probiotic and coccidiastat, is in the powder. No need to buy expensive extras."

Blair Snelling
Calf Rearer and Beef Farmer (Maungatapere)

"I have used Ngahiwi Calf Milk Replacer for 20 seasons rearing thousands of calves in that time. Ngahiwi mixes easily and my young calves thrive. Ngahiwi contains, as standard, prebiotics, probiotics and a coccidiastat. Excellent product!"

Chris Coxhead
Bull Farmer (Waitakaruru)


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