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Three Generations in Reporoa

Ngahiwi Farms was incorporated in 1989, but the genesis of the business dates back three generations to 1952. Frank Ernest Coates had served as a pilot in WW2, before settling his family on a block of land in Reporoa he’d drawn in the ballot.

The “farm” turned out to be a barely developed, 670-acre slice of the foothills of the Paeroa Ranges, covered in scrub and dotted with tomos. A chance was a fine thing in those days, and like the other ‘pioneers of the pumice’ in the Reporoa Valley, he bent the nutrient-poor land to his will through the sweat of his brow. His infant son, Bill, would grow up to buy the property in 1974, adding deer to the sheep and beef operations, and naming the property “Ngahiwi” (The Ridges).

When he eventually parlayed his farming experience into an animal feeds business, the Ngahiwi name came along for the ride. Over several decades, Bill built the business into one of the most respected and forward-looking brands in the country, establishing enduring relationships with farmers up and down the country.

More than thirty years after adding feeds to his farming interests, you’ll still find Bill dividing his time fairly evenly between the milk powder production line in Penrose, the farm at Reporoa and his vineyard and farm at Matakana. Two of his sons, Will and Anto, work alongside him in the business – and their toddlers are already being eyed for generation number four!

The language of the land

What sets Ngahiwi apart is that we speak your language. When you have a question about our product, you don’t go through to a call centre or a branch manager. You get the owner of the company — and a fellow farmer. If you hear an engine dying down in the background, it’s because he’s usually on his quad bike or a tractor. Just like you.

The motto of Ngahiwi Farms has always been:
“Toitu he kainga; whatu ngarongaro he tangata — People are transient things; but the land endures.”

Running an intergenerational family business means appreciating you are simply a steward of the land, hoping to hand it off to the next generation a little better than you found it. We recognise that farming is the backbone of New Zealand economy: past, present and future — no matter what some politicians try and tell you. We know it’s hard work, and we’re with our customers every step of the way.

Backing New Zealand 
Farming Business

Locally sourced ingredients

All Ngahiwi products are blended and packaged in New Zealand, providing local jobs for local people. Thirty years’ experience has taught us the importance of quality control and only using the best raw materials.

We repurpose downgraded raw materials from New Zealand dairy factories, and when supply runs low, we have long standing relationships in the Netherlands to ensure continuity. Every batch is hand tested for consistency and quality, and we stand behind our product 100%.

Helping rear the best NZ Beef

Ngahiwi embraced a scientific approach to calf rearing right from the early days, and was a founding sponsor of the Poukawa calf rearing project in the Hawke’s Bay from 1999-2006.

Our website is designed to be a repository of knowledge, both technical and empirical, to be used as a resource by anyone who rears calves around the world. If you have any questions you can’t find answers to on here, shoot us a message via our contact us tab or on our social media channels, and we’ll be back to you within a day or so at latest.


"I have used Ngahiwi’s Calf Milk Replacer for 20 seasons rearing thousands of calves in that time. The product mixes easily and my young calves thrive. Ngahiwi contains as a standard, prebiotics, probiotics and a coccidiostat. Excellent product!"

Chris Coxhead

Bull Farmer, Waitakaruru
"I supplement my replacement heifer program with Ngahiwi Calf Milk Replacer and Whey Milk Replacer. I have never had any calf health problems and find the milk mixes readily and the calves love it. My heifers reached their target weight much earlier and cheaper than previously"

John Hathaway

Businessman and Dairy Farmer (Reporoa)

"The kids are fantastic and thrived from day 1. We can safely say that Ngahiwi Premium Powder with all the goodies added is the best product we have used and it sure made kid rearing a breeze"

Deb Henson

Rearing 400 kids (Feilding)

"I rear over a thousand calves a year and always use Ngahiwi to supplement a liquid whole milk rearing program. I like the product, service and good value of their powder. All that you need - a premix, prebiotic, probiotic and coccidiastat, is in the powder. No need to buy expensive extras."

Blair Snelling

Calf Rearer and Beef Farmer (Maungatapere)
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