Homeopathic medicines

Homeopathic medicine, according to the World Health Organization, is the second most widely used medical treatment in the world and the fastest growing. Many of you use homeopathic remedies routinely in farming to build up an animal’s immune system. Increasingly we hear about small and large-scale successful rearing units using homeopathic remedies.

Here is a guide to the common remedies used in calf health. Diarrhoea remedies are asterisked*


Aconite is the first remedy for shock and fear. Use routinely for veterinary testing, drenching, transportation, pen-crush experiences. Useful when exposure to extreme weather conditions is experienced. Aconite is frequently required at the beginning of disease but not when disease has progressed. Use the M potency frequently e.g. every five or ten minutes if required. Use morning and evening for two days starting on the day of stress.


Arnica is the remedy for falls, blows, bruising, the early stages of strains and haemorrhage. Often used after Aconite has dealt with the shock. Arnica will help the body to heal after Aconite has helped the mind over the shock. Use the 200c potency frequently. Many diseases have their origin in shock. The quick use of the above will largely prevent further illness.

Arsenicum album*

Arsenicum album is successfully given when the diarrhoea is very smelly and the animals are weak and diseased. The smell of the dung is especially decisive for the choice of Arsenicum.


Ignatia can be used for any emotional trauma. Routinely use when calf taken from cow. Also use when weaned and put out to pasture. Use M potency twice daily for 2 days.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is useful whenever a major diet change occurs and with over feeding and gastric upsets. Use the 30c potency routinely on all calves twice daily for two days – seven to fourteen days after calving and repeat if required. In cases of acidosis etc give every 30 minutes until condition stabilizes. Remember all scouring needs rehydration therapy together with your vet’s advice.

Calcarea phosphorica*

200K can be given with white faeces. The faeces doesn’t stink much as it is often caused by drinking too much milk. Nutritional scours.


A useful remedy to stimulate the new born calf to breath, or assist in respiratory problems.

China Officinalis*

Use 30c potency three times daily whenever major fluid loss has occurred e.g. dehydration.


Give routinely to the victim in any cases of bullying. Use M potency twice daily for 3 days. This is a remedy for resentment.


Use at 200c potency in conjunction with Arnica every hour if any nerve damage has occurred. Consider for intensely painful injuries after trauma.


Give 30c potency four times daily for 3 days after any wounds.

Lac defloratum

Give 30c potency to calf twice daily for two days following the Ignatia after separation from the cow. This remedy is actually made from milk! It helps the calf to cope with the loss of the mother. This is one remedy that you want to include in your year.


Give 30c potency twice daily for two days to all stock at six to nine months of age. This is a miasmatic (deep acting) remedy and may increase general health.


Give 30c potency routinely the morning before any vaccination and again in the evening and following morning.

Veratrum album*

Veratrum album is given when faeces looks like water and is almost colourless. Mostly the dung doesn’t smell much. It can however look green and MAY be smelly. These symptoms may appear at weaning.

N.B – All serious animal health issues must be discussed with your vet.

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