Ngahiwi is a leading animal milk replacer specialist. We provide superior products sourced only from top quality milk proteins, and deliver it to you at the best price. For the calf rearer, we blend a market leading, casein-based premium CMR, a whey-based CMR, and a supplementary CMR, providing choice and quality. Ngahiwi Supplementary CMR is formulated for Dairy Farmers to either fortify whole milk or as a stand-alone powder for colostrum-proven calves from week 3 onwards. No vegetable proteins are used.

We manufacture a range of four Lamb Milk Replacer sizes – 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg. In addition we manufacture a popular general Stockfood Milk Replacer, and will happily custom blend to your requirements.

All our products contain a full complement of natural anti-scouring agents, carefully sourced essential oils, prebiotics and probiotics.

All products are manufactured to NZFMA standards in approved premises.