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  • Our Best Seller
    Premium Calf Milk Replacer
    Ngahiwi Premium Calf Milk Replacer is formulated to optimise and accelerate calf growth. Ngahiwi Premium combines a well-balanced milk-protein & fat-level milk powder with pro...
  • Whey Calf Milk Replacer
    Ngahiwi Whey Calf Milk Replacer is formulated for calves 14 days and older and is formulated to optimise and accelerate calf growth. It combines a well-balanced milk-protein a...
  • SUPP Calf Milk Replacer
    Ngahiwi Supplementary CMR is formulated for Dairy Farmers to either fortify whole milk or as a stand-alone powder for colostrum-proven calves from week 3 onwards.
  • Lamb Milk Powder
    Ngahiwi Lamb Milk Powder is made from the highest quality premium milk powders and mixes easily in warm water. It is also suitable for feeding to young pups, fawns, piglets, f...
  • Stockfood Milk Powder
    Ngahiwi Stockfood Milk Powder is a carefully selected blend of milk powder, vitamins and minerals that provides a high-quality source of milk proteins. It is ideal as a supple...
  • Premix and Additives
    In addition to a specially formulated premix which contains essential vitamins and minerals for a calf’s requirements, good health and growth is promoted by probiotics and an ...

"I supplement my replacement heifer program with Ngahiwi Calf Milk Replacer and Whey Milk Replacer. I have never had any calf health problems and find the milk mixes readily and the calves love it. My heifers reached their target weight much earlier and cheaper than previously"

John Hathaway
Businessman and Dairy Farmer (Reporoa)

"I rear over a thousand calves a year and always use Ngahiwi to supplement a liquid whole milk rearing program. I like the product, service and good value of their powder. All that you need - a premix, prebiotic, probiotic and coccidiastat, is in the powder. No need to buy expensive extras."

Blair Snelling
Calf Rearer and Beef Farmer (Maungatapere)

"I have used Ngahiwi Calf Milk Replacer for 20 seasons rearing thousands of calves in that time. Ngahiwi mixes easily and my young calves thrive. Ngahiwi contains, as standard, prebiotics, probiotics and a coccidiastat. Excellent product!"

Chris Coxhead
Bull Farmer (Waitakaruru)