Whey Calf Milk Replacer

Ngahiwi Whey is formulated for calves 14 days and older and is formulated to optimise and accelerate calf growth.

It combines a well-balanced milk-protein & fat-level milk powder with probiotics, prebiotics, essential oils, a vitamin & mineral premix and a coccidiostat to give calves the best start possible*.

Ngahiwi Whey is a non-curding milk powder and we recommend that it is fed from 14 days of age, after calves have had both adequate colostrum and either whole milk or a curding CMR like Ngahiwi Premium.

How To Feed Your Calf With Ngahiwi Whey
Week Feeds per day Litres Mix rate Meals per day
3 1 2.5 200 g 0.5 kg
4 1 3.0 200 g 1.0 kg
5 1 3.0 200 g 1.5 kg
6 1 3.0 200 g 1.5 kg
7-10 Wean off milk

Feeding Tips
  • Add CMR to 40° Celsius warm water and cool until 36° before feeding
  • Use a thermometer if new to calf rearing
  • Feed in morning and use compartment feeders to monitor slow feeders
  • Mix rate/concentration 200g/litre throughout rearing
  • Make pasture available to calves from week 3
  • Calf weaned off milk at 65kg, when meal concentration is increased
*Ngahiwi Additives - The Complete CMR

Ngahiwi Whey CMR includes a comprehensive Premix with essential vitamins and minerals. Optimum health and growth are promoted by the inclusion of probiotics, prebiotics, essential oils and an coccidiostat. No need for expensive supplements.

The Three Q's Of Colostrum

Colostrum intake directly affects a calf’s health outcome and growth. Colostrum-deprived calves have little or no immunity to the many pathogens in their environment.

Remember the three Q’s...

QUALITY: Feed calves with quality colostrum from mature cows

QUANTITY: Minimum 3 litres over two feeds in first 6 hours

QUICKLY: As soon as possible, and at latest 6 hours after birth

Typical Product Analysis
Protein 22%
Fat 18%
Lactose 48%
Minerals 8.5%
Moisture 3.5%
Definition of typical analysis

Many calf milk replacers (CMRs) have added medications to protect calves from coccidia e.g. Deccox, Bovatec. Please be aware that if bobby calves are being fed milk replacer instead of colostrum for the 4 days prior to slaughter, the CMR should NOT have any feed additives included, even those that state they have a Nil withholding period.

View Ngahiwi Farms Product Guide PDF (3.16 MB)