Ngahiwi Stockfood Milk Powder

Ngahiwi Stockfood Milk Powder is a carefully selected blend of milk powder, vitamins and minerals that provides a high-quality source of milk proteins.

It is ideal as a supplementary protein source for lactating animals including bitches, mares and sows.

Ngahiwi Stock Food Milk Powder is formulated to be incorporated in a dry feed system.

Not suitable as a "stand alone" milk replacer for young animals, i.e. calf, lamb, or kid rearing

Typical Analysis
Protein 28%
Fat 15%
Lactose 47%
Minerals 7%
Moisture 3%

Packed in 20 kg bags

Horse and foal
Sow and piglets

View Ngahiwi Farms Product Guide (PDF, 3.16 MB)